Midas Fortune

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5 x 5

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$0.2 to $100

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Midas Fortune (PG Soft): GAME Review & Theme

Amidst the festivities of the Feast of Stephen, Good King Midas found himself gazing out the window. An amusing mix-up with King Wenceslas aside, it's essential to clarify that King Midas was no biblical character; instead, he occupies a prominent place in Greek mythology. His legend revolves around the extraordinary ability to turn anything he touches into pure gold. Such a captivating story makes King Midas an ideal theme for an online slot machine. Pocket Games Soft's Midas Fortune is a recent addition to the rich tapestry of the online casino industry. This 5x5 grid slot offers a gaming experience with specifications within industry standards. PG Soft rates it as having medium volatility, while the game boasts an RTP of 97%, coupled with a maximum win potential of 5,000 times your total bet – figures that align reasonably well with industry averages.

Typical of grid slots, landing substantial prizes requires strategic gameplay. The paytable outlines payouts for clusters of five, six, or seven symbols, with larger rewards incrementally increasing for clusters of up to twenty adjacent matching symbols. It's indeed a challenge, but Midas Fortune is more generous in this regard compared to other 5x5 grid slots by the same developer. You'd need a full screen of 25 symbols for top payouts in some of their titles.

Of course, a game inspired by King Midas would only be complete with a touch of gold. Midas Fortune offers some Gold Touch features, which we'll explore later in this review. Beyond that, wild multipliers and free spin bonuses await players, providing a well-rounded set of features that enhance the gaming experience.

As you enter the realm of Midas Fortune, reflect upon the renowned words: "He walked in the footsteps of his master, where the snow showed his path; Warmth lingered in the ground, bearing the imprint of the Saint." For modern players, this translates to choosing the slots you play wisely. And if you opt for Midas Fortune, you may find blessings and golden rewards awaiting you in this mythological journey.

Midas Fortune at BC.GAME

Midas Fortune at BC.GAME features a 5x5 grid slot with specifications within the industry's standard range. It follows the 'match five' concept, commonly called a cluster-paying grid slot, where achieving clusters of 20 or more adjacent matching symbols is necessary to reach the highest prize levels. The maximum win, capped at 5,000 times the total bet, aligns with typical industry standards.

With a medium level of volatility and an impressive 97% RTP, Midas Fortune offers substantial winning potential despite a relatively low hit frequency of only 28.5%. The game's ability to run smoothly on iOS and Android devices guarantees a user-friendly and hassle-free mobile gaming experience, allowing players to engage in this adventure on their smartphones, regardless of location.

Pay Table and Bet Size

Midas Fortune features a 5x5 grid slot with specifications that fall within the industry's averages. The game allows you to win 5,000 times your bet, consistent with industry standards. When you access the bet selection menu, you'll find three coin sizes: $0.01, $0.10, and $0.50, along with ten bet multiplier levels. This range allows you to place bets ranging from the minimum of $0.20 to the game's maximum limit of $100.00 per spin.

Midas Fortune employs a 'match five' mechanism, often called a cluster-paying grid slot by most developers. You'll need to form clusters of 20 or more adjacent matching symbols to achieve the top-tier prizes. At the pinnacle of the paytable are King Midas and his enchanting wife, both offering a payout of 150 times your total bet for a cluster of 20 or more symbols. Three artifacts - a chest, a bunch of grapes, and a goblet - provide equal returns of 100 times each, while the lower-paying royal symbols grant 80 times your bet for a complete set. It's worth noting that all symbols appear in stacks on the reels. However, neither the wild nor scatter symbols offer any cash rewards.

Features of Midas Fortune (PG Soft)

To achieve victory in Midas Fortune, you'll need to form clusters of symbols ranging from 5 to 20 or beyond, and these clusters can yield payouts from 1 to 150 times your initial wager. Winning symbols trigger the Cascading mechanic, causing new symbols to fill the gaps for continuous wins. Wild symbols substitute for pay symbols and play a key role in bonus features. Golden-framed symbols can activate the Midas Gold Feature when at least 3 touch vertically or horizontally, turning them wild. Wild wins also increase the Win Multiplier, with the multiplier equal to the number of wilds involved. The Free spins are triggered by 3 scatters in the same cascading sequence, granting 8 free spins with additional spins for extra scatters. The multiplier remains active throughout the bonus round and can be retriggered.

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols substitute for regular symbols to form winning combinations, which are integral to the game's bonus functions. Pay symbols may appear with golden frames, and if you connect at least 3 golden-framed symbols vertically or horizontally, you activate the Midas Gold Feature. This feature transforms the relevant symbols into wilds before determining your winnings.

Gold Symbols

You can observe particular symbols assuming a golden appearance in the base game and free spins. However, the wild symbol appears unaffected by King Midas's golden touch, suggesting he needs more practice. When these unique golden symbols contribute to a winning combination, they will change into wild symbols rather than following the exploding process explained earlier.

Midas Gold Feature

Suppose you form a cluster of three or more golden symbols. In that case, the Midas Gold feature will activate, transforming the entire cluster into a block of wild symbols before evaluating winnings. However, three golden symbols might not guarantee a winning combination.

On the other hand, if you create a cluster of four golden symbols, it's a different story altogether. In this case, every symbol positioned around the cluster's edges is guaranteed to provide a win. While testing this game, this scenario occurred multiple times and consistently resulted in a satisfying boost to my bankroll. Such a feature in the base game adds excitement between bonus rounds.

Free Spins, Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols with bonus potential may appear anywhere on the game grid, but whether multiple scatters can land within a single column must be clarified. Most games don't typically allow this, but grid slots can sometimes operate differently. According to the paytable, landing three scatters grants eight free spins, and you receive an additional two spins for each extra scatter symbol. The paytable doesn't specify any limit, and even after consulting the developer's press kit, it still only mentions 'eight or more.' This suggests that six or more scatters might be possible!

In the base game, achieving winning combinations that involve one or more wild symbols can result in a global multiplier. This multiplier continues to rise as winning symbols disappear, and new ones appear. It's possible to trigger the bonus round with a multiplier of up to 10x in play. Fortunately, this multiplier carries over to your free spins!

Throughout the free spins, if one or more wilds participate in a winning combination, they will once more add to the overall multiplier showcased at the upper part of the screen. Unlike the base game, this multiplier doesn't reset between free spins.

If two scatters land anywhere during the free spins, you'll receive an additional four free spins, and you can earn a full eight-spin re-trigger by landing three or more scatter symbols.

Cascading Reels

When you achieve winning combinations, the symbols will burst, initiating the Cascading feature, which enables new and/ or existing symbols to descend and occupy the empty spaces. This cycle continues as long as you continue to secure wins.

Wild Multiplier

If a win includes wild symbols, you activate the Win Multiplier feature. Essentially, the multiplier value corresponds to the number of wilds contributing to the win. So, if the minimum number of wilds from the Midas Gold feature is part of the win, you receive a 3x multiplier boost. This multiplier stays active throughout the cascading sequence, and additional wins involving wilds will further increase it. It's important to note that the multiplier resets between base game spins.

Midas Fortune (PG Soft): Summary

Midas Fortune by PG Soft, available at BC.GAME offers a captivating slot experience with its unique 5x5 cluster-pay grid layout, allowing players to win through 20 or more adjacent matching symbols. While its specifications may be average, the game's potential for substantial wins, with a maximum payout of 5,000 times your total bet, mobile compatibility, and engaging gameplay make it a noteworthy addition to the world of online slots. The Midas Gold Feature and the opportunity to trigger the bonus round with a multiplier boost add an exciting dimension to the gameplay. Whether you're a Greek mythology fan or enjoy high-quality slot games, Midas Fortune has something to offer. Give it a spin and see if you can turn your bets into gold!

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